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Fort Distributors Ltd.

About Us

Fort Distributors Ltd. is an innovative and progressive company whose success has been based entirely on selling quality products and providing the best possible customer service. With a large warehouse, there is inventory of numerous products available to the public for immediate sale. With a fleet of trucks, tankers and trailers, Fort is proud to have built business relationships based on quality service and prompt efficient delivery, and consistently excellent customer service!


Our History

Immigrated from Germany in the late 1920’s, the Jehle family were originally Manitoba hog and grain farmers in the St Andrews area. When roads were dirt, unpopulated and travelled by horses, a few like-minded European families had relocated to Manitoba, Canada to farm and settled into the “Little Britain” community (traditions there are still celebrated today). After many years, as roads became paved, highways and transportation inevitably progressed, the next generation Jehle family decided to leave farming behind, diversify and take business in a new direction.

With a solid trucking division already in place and a reliable relationship with Cargill Salt, Fort Distributors Ltd was founded in 1984. Fort Distributors now had the capacity to tap into the unique market of “Dust Control”. First trucks spraying Magnesium Chloride to keep the dust off the roads rolled out of the rural Manitoba yard in 1991. Since then, the growing fleet of trucks and tankers, custom made spray bars to accommodate a diverse spray area (narrow roads, wider lots etc) and increasing storage capacity has helped Fort Distributors Ltd. prominently place itself in a leading position for Dust Control supply and service. With an impressive on-site supply of product, Fort Distributors can accommodate numerous contracts, small or large, during a very busy yet short summer window when roads and parking areas are dangerously dusty. Over the years, Fort Distributors Ltd. has become a third generation business and the leading supplier of Magnesium Chloride in Manitoba and continues to grow and expand throughout the Western Canadian provinces, Ontario, and in the United States.

Fort Distributors has an expansive supply of services and products:

Fort Distributors Ltd. has supplied the local community and beyond with reliable products and outstanding work ethic and service. We are proudly Canadian and look forward to a growing family business as the years progress!