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Fort Distributors Ltd. has been distributing quality Cargill Salt in Manitoba since 1984. Our commitment to distributing quality products with efficient service, has gained a reputation as a leading force in the Manitoba salt industry.

When you need salt by the bag, palette, or semi-load, Fort Distributors Ltd. has at all.



Diamond Crystal Water Softening Salts

A Brilliant Choice™ Diamond Crystal® Water Softening Salt is more than just salt — it is a solution that transforms the water in your home to make it better. When used in your water softener, our salt removes hard minerals from your water, including iron, calcium, magnesium, and even barium.

After our water conditioning product removes hard minerals, you have soft, bright towels to wrap around your family, shiny dishes that can be used even with your most critical guests, and longer pipe and appliance life helping you save money to spend on something more fun!

Jiffy Melt® Ice Melter

Faster Melting Starts Here™

Jiffy Melt® Ice Melter is the ideal choice when you need ice to melt, well, in a jiffy.

Why you want it.
The extreme cold of winter can cause ice to form dangerously fast. So you need an ice melter that works just as quickly. Jiffy Melt® Ice Melter’s specially formulated blend gets a fast start on melting ice in sub-zero temperatures to -10 °F / -23 °C. Available in these convenient sizes: 10, 20 and 40 lb bags and a 12 lb jug. Proof that good things do come in small packages, and not-so-small packages.

How It Works
Jiffy Melt® Ice Melter contains a specially formulated blend of Magnesium Chloride and Sodium Chloride for quick-melting action. At temperatures of -10 °F / -23 °C, Jiffy Melt® Ice Melter melts more ice than straight Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Urea, CMA or a combination of these. At the same time, it costs less to achieve the coverage you want than pure Magnesium or Calcium Chlorides ice melters.

Directions for Use.
Remove slush and as much loose snow as possible before ice melter application.
Spread Jiffy Melt® evenly across surface area.
Apply ½–1½ cups per square yard using scoop, push fertilizer spreader or salt spreader, depending on ice thickness and air temperature, as needed.
Reapply as necessary.
When ice and snow soften, remove slush and any excess ice melter from pavement for good concrete maintenance.

Diamond Crystal® Winter Melt® Ice Melter

Unique sizing mixture of large and small crystals of natural sodium chloride – small crystals melt on contact and large crystals provide longevity and instant traction. Works best at temperatures of 5 degrees Fahrenheit and above. Leaves no oily residue.

Applications: Application rates vary from one-half to one cup per square yard of Diamond Crystal® Winter Melt®. Spread evenly over ice and snow-compacted surfaces. Quantity and melting action depend upon temperature and thickness of compacted ice and snow.

Top Flo Food Grade Salt

Bringing out the true flavor of fresh food Today, everyday cooks have access to more cooking knowledge than ever. But you don’t have to be a gourmet to know that the most important seasoning in your kitchen is salt. A quality salt can be all that’s needed to bring out the very best, natural flavors of fresh food.

And for gourmet cooks, the salt of choice is Top-Flo® brand. With more than 50 years as a leading manufacturer of premium salts, we offer unmatched variety and quality to meet any cooking need.

Hi-Grade Granulated Salt

For use in a variety of food-processing applications, including baking, canning, pickling, seasonings and prepared mixes. Additive free.

Champion’s Choice® Mix-n-Fine® Agricultural Salt

A fine screened, sodium chloride salt specially screened for blending in animal rations or for free-choice feeding of salt to animals. It is suitable for all animal diets, but it should not be used for direct human food applications.

THE ESSENTIALS OF SUCCESS™ Champion’s Choice® Salt is an essential nutrient for your animals. When your animals get the nutrition they need, they perform better and look better. And when your animals look better, you’ll know you’re doing the right thing for both your animals and your operation.

Whether you own a commercial cattle operation, raise horses for business or pleasure, or have an exceptional animal you’re preparing for an upcoming competition, we understand that your animals’ well-being is the top priority to deliver the results you want. The one important decision you make now to feed Champion’s Choice® Agricultural Salt products can make a big difference later by helping improve overall animal health and performance.

When consumed in the right amounts, Champion’s Choice® Agricultural Salt products can increase your animals’ overall wellness and performance, help improve and maintain skin and coat health, and increase milk production in lactating animals.

Backed by the research and quality control of Cargill, a company with decades of knowledge in animal nutrition, Champion’s Choice® Agricultural Salt products are an essential choice to make on behalf of your animals.

Champion’s Choice® Salt knows your animals are the life and heart of your financial success. If you raise cattle for meat, manage a dairy business, or run a swine or chicken operation, we understand that a small investment in the right amount of salt can provide big production later when you need maximum output.

Champion’s Choice® Agricultural Salt can help provide the nutrition your animals need to give you the results you want. Salt is an essential ingredient in your animals’ diet, and proper use results in better overall health, shinier coats, and higher output of milk, eggs and meat.

Champion’s Choice® Agricultural Salt products have been trusted and used by commercial farmers for decades and are regularly reviewed and approved for use by provincial and state regulatory agencies. Backed by the knowledge of Cargill’s world-class Animal Nutrition Innovation Campus, Champion’s Choice®

Putting Our Customer’s Safety First for Over Three Decades