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Dust Control Magnesium Chloride

It’s dust control season again and we are ready for your business!

Fort Distributors Ltd. has increased its storage capacity once again, making us the largest dust control company in Manitoba. We continue to make businesses like yours a priority by giving you the best product with the best service.

Fort Distributors Ltd. has been the number one supplier of magnesium chloride dust control in Manitoba since 1991. Our product is environmentally friendly, longer lasting, and, with our increased storage, we can deliver it efficiently and effectively!

Fort Distributors Ltd. has more applicators than any leading competitor and is already preparing for a busy season of dust control. We have the right size tankers and spray bars to suit any needs.

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How It Works:

Magnesium chloride is a hygroscopic, deliquescent compound that reacts with moisture from the surrounding air and resists evaporation. Magnesium coagulates with fine dust particles in the roadbed to stabilize the soil, slow the loss of aggregate on road beds and shoulders, and reduces the need for costly road regrading.

Environmentally Friendly

Our magnesium chloride product is sprayed in liquid form. This environmentally preferred compound can be used in sensitive watershed wetland areas and is recognized in Canada as a safe alternative to other dust reduction systems.

Advantages of Our Product

Magnesium chloride applications are an excellent way to reduce road maintenance costs by:
• being used on many soil types
• reducing the formation of potholes
• assist in the reduction of washboards on roadways
• stabilize the soil resulting in less loss of road base
• reducing the amount of overall road maintenance required and material to rebuild

Our product is suitable for the following applications:
• On dirt roads for dust control in cities and rural areas
• On roadbeds and shoulder applications for stabilization of soil
• For dust control in parking lots
• For feedlots
• On driveways and walkways
• In trailer parks
• On Fairgrounds
• In horse riding arenas
• On golf cart paths
• In construction areas


Do-it-yourself Dust Control for smaller areas!

We sell 25kg bags of granular Dust Control for personal use

1 bag =  treats 360 square feet

Spread granular Dust Control evenly over dusty area, apply water to activate. Great for driveways, walkways, small roadways etc.

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