Dust Control Application
Dust Control Application Services
Our company uses our fleet of 40 customized sprayer vehicles to apply our high quality Magnesium Chloride Dust Control spray product over thousands of miles of roads, parking lots, and construction zones in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Northwestern Ontario.  We currently operate the largest fleet of rapid spray vehicles in Western Canada.

Whether you have a long driveway, a parking lot or you are a municipality or RM looking to reduce airborne dust, our company has the economical answer for you.

We will save you labour costs, elimiate the cost of owning or leasing your own equipment, and offer dust control solutions that are environmentally safe.

Features & benefits of using our services to apply your spray:
Reduce dust on every road type
Can be used on many soil types
Fewer potholes
Less washboard
Less loss of roadbase
Reduces road maintenance