Can-Dry Absorbant

Can-Dry Absorbant

Look at the Benefits of Using Can-Dry Absorbent
In Your Shop or Garage

Not WHIMIS Controlled
Not Affected by Temperature
No Special Equipment Needed for Disposal or Collection
Contains Less Than 1% Free Crystanlline Silica
Will Not Rot Or Mold

Safely & Quickly Absorbs:

Methyl, Ethyl & Isopropyl Alcohols
Anti-Freezes & Transmission Coolants
Mineral Oil, Gasoline, Diesel Fuels
Hydraulic Fluid
Motor Oil
Latex Paints
Lacquers & Petrochemicals
Shellacs & Thinners
Methyl, Ether Solvents
Ketone Solvent

Can-Dry Premium Supreme Absorbent
Can-Dry Premium All Purpose Absorbent

Absorbs up to 140% of its own weight in liquid.

Available in:

W151- 5 / 4.54 kg (10 lb) Zip-lock bag  W152 - 12 kg (26.46 lb) bag

W154 - 16.3 kg (35.94 lb) bag

Absorbs up to its own weight in liquid.

Available in:

W020 - 16.3 kg (26.46 lb) bag

W021 - 20 kg (44 lb) paper bag