Caliber De-Icing Products

Caliber De-Icing Products

Caliber M1000 High Performance De-Icers

Fort Distributors Ltd. provides a very important and necessary product for winter specifically on our icy roads. Typically very cold, Manitoba can often vary in temperatures throughout the winter months. This often leads to extremely dangerous road conditions. Fort Distributors Ltd. has worked closely with rural municipalities and the City of Winnipeg to de-ice roads and bridges when the temperatures leave the surfaces treacherous for drivers.

Using the same environmentally friendly chemical in a slightly different formula, the de-icer is sprayed on road surfaces, melting away ice making them much safer.

Caliber M1000 provides a variety of applications in one non-toxic and cost effective product.

ANTI-ICING: As an anti-icer, Caliber M1000 provides superior "anti-bonding" properties allowing easy removal of snowpack with simple plowing.

DE-ICING: As a liquid de-icer, Caliber M1000 provides increased performance over other liquid products. When applied in a stream pattern, Caliber M1000 vertically penetrates the snowpack on a roadbed, parking lot, or walkway and breaks the bond at the road surface making cleanup, plowing or shoveling easier.

PRE-WETTING: As a pre-wetting agent for salt and sand, Caliber M1000 reduces bounce and scatter, increases the speed at which the salt begins working, increases the melting capacity of the salt and permits the use of salt at significantly lower temperatures making roads safer for travel.

Additionally, Caliber M1000 also reduces corrosion, inhibits crystal formation and product fallout at lower temperatures, and improves roadway traction when compared to other liquid products.

We sell this product in bulk, in small quantities for building or property maintenance, airports, businesses, or delivered and sprayed onto roads and highways across central Canada. Call today for more information: 1-204-785-2180