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It's not very often a distributor opens it's doors directly to the public, but at Fort Distributors Ltd., we've been doing just that for decades. 

Our company supplies large retail chains, Government organizations, small and large businesses and the public with products ranging from:

• Cargill Salt Products
• Caliber De-Icers
• Can-Dry "Spill & Clean" Shop Absorbant
• Dust Control Magnesium Chloride Spray
• P2000 High Performance Insulation
• ROADBOND EN1 Roadbase Stabilizer

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Dust Control

As central Canada's largest dust control company, we import and spray millions of gallons of Magnesium Chloride Dust Guard product on roads and parking lots across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Northwestern Ontario.  Our Green road spray saves tax payers, municipalities, and local governments millions in road repairs and maintenance and  keeps our roads safer for your family to travel on.


Innovative Products

We have spent over three decades investing in warehousing and distribution for some of the most leading edge, green, cost saving and unique products that are commercially available to the public.  Interested?  Curious about saving money or investing in innovation?  We've got it at Fort Distributors Ltd.  More...

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P2000 News
Happy New Year to all of our customers. If it's a cold winter day and your furnace is struggling to keep up, it may be time to think about adding P2000 insulation to your home, cottage or ice-fishing shack. Our insulation products are light weight and provide years of cost saving on your heating bills. Call or visit us today to learn more about how you can save!

Road De-Ice Spray
With the new year comes snow and ice. Moderate climates and temperatures are changing the road conditions in Manitoba. More often roads are being covered with a layer of ice as our average temperatures get closer to the freezing point. These layers of ice cost your taxpayers in insurance premiums and can affect everyone's safety. Make the right choice by choosing environmentally friendly Caliber 1000 Winter Road Spray to keep the layers of ice to a minimum. Call today for your free quote.

Still the best insulation out there – if you are renovating or building a home, cottage, shed or any structure needing insulation (even in floor heating systems!) we recommend The P2000 Insulation System. It’s environmentally friendly, easy to work with, and can out perform fiberglass. See here for details or call our office at (204) 785-2180.

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